Master Baez Martial Arts exciting self-defense program is perfect for teens and adults. The program is Taekwondo based with Hapkido in our system. You will learn our full martial arts curriculum which includes self-defense, weapons defense, Arnis/Escrima, weapons and sparring. The classes are designed to challenge you, get you in shape and teach you skills that may save your life in a fun and motivating atmosphere.
All our programs start with a FREE trial program. We offer this to make sure that our school is the right one for you. We would also like to evaluate the participant to make sure that he/she is physically ready for our program and actually like it! To book an appointment, please call one of our courteous and professional team members! We can’t wait to meet you!
A Black Belt is a White Belt that never quits!
Grandmaster Baez
Martial Arts Program Pembroke Pines
9450 Griffin Rd. Cooper City, Fl. 33328
Call Now: (954) 680-0249

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